F.A.C.T.S. this weekend!

Here is the nitty-gritty of the convention.

David is sitting in the Artist Alley.


If you’re there come past and say ‘hi’.

The below are prices and so on for the convention ONLY. Prices may be slightly different for non-convention commissions.

Please keep that in mind.



1 POSTER…………………….€10

2 POSTERS……………………€18

3 POSTERS……………………€26

4 POSTERS……………………€34



Yes, I do convention sketches. If you want a free, five-minute head sketch, please just ask when you say “hi”. For anything more elaborate I charge 10 Euro per 30 minutes spent.

I charge upfront!

Please keep in mind that I will take my chance to work on the more elaborate pieces when I have time for it. This might not be there and then. If you need to leave before the sketch done, leave your email and I will contact you within two days by email asking for a shipping address.

Depending on the pressure I might stop taking in commissions for sketches on the spot. I hope you can understand this one. I am only human, and even though having arms like Vishnu would be a plus, I do not have them yet. They are on my Christmas list.



Like the commissions? Want to have made something similar for you? Here is some info.

  • BUSTS & PORTRAITS: (minimal to no background) € 100. € 10 upfront, the rest upon completion
  • 3/4 TO FULL CHARACTER ART: (minimal to no background) € 150. € 15 upfront, the rest upon completion
  • FULL ILLUSTRATION: (minimal to full backgrounds included, max 2 main characters, for additional characters I charge €50/character added)  €  250.  € 25 upfront, the rest upon completion.

You need: The money for upfront in cash, a paypal account or ability to pay to bank account in Belgium for completion.

I need: Your email address, your idea.

All commissions are completed digitally. I print it out for you and send it to you. Should you want a led-pencil illustration, that can also be arranged, just ask me for prices.


David is there both days.

On each day he will do a raffle where he will pick a random name from the email-list that he also will be having laying at the table.

On the first day there will be one list, on the second day there will be a fresh (new and blank) list. This draw of a name will happen about an hour before the day ends. If you are not present when the drawn name is proclaimed (and you win), no sweat, we will have your email address and can email you to ask for details of where to send you the price.

You can add your email on the list both days, but keep two things in mind:

  1. You will not be able to win twice. In fact, there probably will be discord amongst the rest if your name is drawn on the second day as well as the first day.
  2. The entry for the raffle is putting your email on an emailing-list. There is a possibility that you will get the newsletter from us twice if your email stand twice in our lists, just so you know.

What’s the price?

An A3, limited-to-one print, signed by David. We got three extra prints from the printers that

where one size larger than the rest of the posters. You get to choose one of them and David will sign it, with a personal note if you wish, and send it/give it to you.

There will be no such print anywhere or any time in the world, except for the one you win.

The three prints available are:

Ahadi, War and Faxxa.

The poster that isn’t chosen by the winner we will auction out on Ebay after the convention is over.

We will put up info on the auction right here, on our website ( http://www.studiocolrouphobia.net ) on Monday.


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