Archive | October 21, 2011

F.A.C.T.S. Bring them books!

Just a quick note before tomorrows first day of FACTS.


As some of you may know, I worked on some RPG-books from Fantasy Flight Games.

If you bring the books I worked on to my table, I will put a signature in it.


The books I have worked on that are out and about are:

RT03: Lure of the Expanse

RT04: Into the Storm

RT09: Battlefleet Koronus

DW03: The Emperor Protects

DW06: The Achilus Assault

I have also painted a Warhammer Invasion card: Steam Tank
From the Morrslieb Cycle (Omens of Ruin)
If you want this to be signed, just hand it over and I will do so.
See you at FACTS and keep an eye on our twitter account as I will be updating with photos during the two days.