The F.A.C.T.S. experience and setting standards.

Well, rather, I’m posting after the weekend AFTER the weekend at Facts.

Before I get into the FACTS experience, let’s set some standards for this blog and website. Here are the goals I’m setting up:

Every Wednesday we will post something textwise, to let you know what we’re up to.

Every Monday I will post some sketches of the past week, to let you see that I’m not slacking and to atleast give you something worth coming to the webpage for.

Anytime we get permissions to post anything from our commissions and NDA-released work, we will post it, regardless of what weekday.

So the weekend was fenomenal. I had a really good time and it was crammed with people. The staff was very friendly and very helpful and the general mood was nice. I sat next to Adi Granov, furthest out on one side of the table.

From left to right was:

Me, Adi Granov (Iron Man etc.), Barry Kitson (SpiderMan UK, AD 2000 etc., etc.), in memoriam for Wim Oosterveer (Dutch comic artist that died in a motorcycle accident a couple of weeks before he was due to appear at FACTS), Romano Molenaar (Marvel, Top Cow, etc.), Aleksi Briclot (Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft), Nicholas Bournay (French comic artist), Keu Cha (Witchblade, Hex), Aleksa Gajic (various things), Steve Dupre, LECTRR and ADAM (Belgian comicbook artists), Clint Langley (Sláine, ABC warriors, various Warhammer and Warhammer40k things).

At the end of day one I was completely exhausted after having done so many free drawings that I don’t know where to start. I was so busy that I forgot to take pictures of them.

On the second day it was calmer and I got a chance to do some paid sketches also. Attached are some of the sketches and paid sketches I did on the second day, and one illustration I did during lunchbreak on day one.

Some of these are still available since I had some downtime on day two and had a chance to do sketches with markers. They can be purchase for €8 + shipping. As a general note, shipping to the US for anything of a A4-size or smaller is €12. If you live outside of Europe it will be more, if in Europe less.

Available from the above are: Sláine (1st), SpaceWolf(3rd), Ghost Rider(4th) and Hellboy(5th).

Also, I didnt completely sell out the posters at Facts and some are still available.

These go for €15 + shipping.

Available are:

Personification of WarThe 2011 F.A.C.T.S poster

Sanguinius, Ahadi War and FAXXA.

Contact us through for more info on this.

We will add a store in the not so distant future.

Since a Monday has past, I thought I’d just shoot some sketches away also. A little something to look at up untill Monday.

An Ahadi-sketch and “Balor through the mist” (crop of a larger sketch).

Both of these are A3 format and will be completely rendered with pen on paper, sold as originals and also painted digitally. If you have an interest in these, or any future sketches that pop up on the website, just mail us and ask. Once they are completed on paper I will post them again, right here.


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2 responses to “The F.A.C.T.S. experience and setting standards.”

  1. MTG says :

    We love this stuff. Do you care if we post it on Facebook?

    • studiocolrouphobia says :

      Apologies for the tardy reply. WP put your comment in the SPAM section. You can share some of the images IF you make sure the references are in order. We also have a page on Facebook: Studio Colrouphobia. Check it out.

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