It’s not easy to please me

Wednesdays are a bit tricky really,

On one hand, they are not Mondays, and as such not really that chaotic and filled with workstress. At the same time they are not the end of the week and relaxation neither.

Currently, David has found himself working on an unusual job. It’s a cover, which is not something unusual, but it is also contemporary. This is both exiting and challenging at the same time since almost all illustrations we have done so far have either been Sci-fi or Fantasy. For some more info on this head over to this place:

The illustration is seing completion this week and then we will see how long it takes before we can display it.

One of the things that has been asked alot is to show progress and/or doing tutorials.

Whilst this is something great and definately something worth doing, there are such a great number of tutorials out there that we first need to sit down and consider what we want to achieve with a tutorial.

The first one will most likely be a walkthrough rather then an actual tutorial.

David has a set idea on how to work, but usually all of this is just tossed out the window once the work begins. In reality what happends is normally what works. Sometimes it works to paint blobs of colour and go from there, sometimes a refined pencilsketch is the best and sometimes it is the usage of photo’s for interesting textures.

So look out for next wednesday when a little walkthrough will be posted of a personal piece in it’s beginning stages.

In the meanwhile, here are some WiP’s of current paintings and a sketch that was made at FACTS but that we didn’t have any photos of ourself. Courtesy of Alexjodo’s blog. Follow the link below.



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2 responses to “It’s not easy to please me”

  1. elbrigaking says :

    these are really impressive, great work, nothing more to say

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