As bloody as they come…

As the Holidays are closing in, we bring you tidings.

And a WiP.


This painting is not done. The linedrawing of the weapon is not showing and parts of the armour are not complete, but why not show some blood for you.

Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters shortly before turning into a Demon Prince the signs where already there as there was a shine to him, only blotted out by all the blood…



And yes, that’s a yellow glow emitting from his skin under the armour. You can see it light up the muscles on his neck and in his eyes and seeping out through the seams of the wrists.




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6 responses to “As bloody as they come…”

  1. stefmanovic says :

    Very creepy! Can’t wait to see this one finished! 🙂

    • davidsondered says :

      Cheers, hope you liked the final piece!

      • Stefmanovic says :

        It left me quite disturbed! 😀 By the way, how are the other Primarchs going?

      • davidsondered says :

        There is some progress, though in the meanwhile I also had quite some commissions. One is of the Iron type…

      • Stefmanovic says :

        Can’t wait. I’m very curious what you have in mind for either one of the Iron types. I never really imagined them with too many bionics, no matter what beliefs the marines of one of those legions might have…

      • davidsondered says :

        Though some (one) of them didn’t have all flesh-parts :p 😉

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