Fiery Christmas and a Dragon New Year!

Holidays are over us and regardless on your stance on this, the spreading of happiness is in order.

Next year begins the Chinese Year of the Dragon and what better way to sort thing out then by having Santa being chased out of this year by a dragon?

The blog will take a two week break from posting during this time but before we go there are some things to take up.

Music for life was a blast. The total sum collected was more then 7 million Euro and Studio Colrouphobia are happy to have contributed a small part of that sum. Thank you to all bidders on our painting and congratulations to the lucky winner (who wanted to remain anonymous). The signed and framed poster is in the mail and should arrive within the next two weeks!

And to end this blog with some extras, here is a finished Angron and a WiP of the next Primarch in line, Fulgrim.

We are pondering to make these Primarch portraits into posters, let us know what you think about that.

Enjoy the last days of this year and be sure to check back in 13 days for the next installment of this blog!


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