Tears and Beauty

Welcome back after the holidays, hope you had a great time.

Studio Colrouphobia returns after two weeks of “off time” from the blog.

So lets get right into this weeks Monday Sketches:


First up, a little teaser for the next Primarch to be completed, Fulgrim.

This is just a wip, mind you, and the full poster will be in the same format as the Angron illustration as shown in a previous blogpost.

After Fulgrim, there will be Jagathai Khan, whom we have shown a wip of before, and Sanguinius.

Sanguinius is still in the sketch/blocking in phase so we apologise for this rough and cropped preview:


And finally, some conceptuals for Space Marine helmets. These are intended for a project called Damien, which hopefully will turn into a free Graphic Novel as soon as all the details have been dealt with.

These helmet variations are more placeholders then anything else for how the marines of the Angels Cruentis patch up and modify their helmets for doing boarding raids inside the warp, where the chapter predominately perform their duty to the Emperor and the Primarch of their founding Legion.


Until next time!


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2 responses to “Tears and Beauty”

  1. Kolagen says :

    Perhaps I may not be too amazed by this.

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