Carry on – Sketches will follow

Hello there,
Time for another update with images.
This time it is a little scarce because I am saving up two images for free tutorials. One of those will come within the week, the other will take a little longer.

In the meanwhile, here is a speedpaint/quick study for Imperial Fists armour in sunlight.

This was done as part of trying to figure out lighting of an Imperial Fist for a figure in a commission I am wrapping up. Never mind the faults in colouring the armour or faulty armourdesign as most of it was to get the yellows and blacks right light-wise and not for accuracy on Imperial Fists armour.
As soon as the client has said his and we see if there are any tweaks needed or not, I will post that one on here.
I like how the style is coming out, was painting this way more loose then most of my current stuff.
If enough people like it I will paint it completed so let me know what you think!



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2 responses to “Carry on – Sketches will follow”

  1. Renee says :

    This is cool!

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