Archive | March 27, 2012

Time, is on my side, yes it is! – NDA’s releasing etc.

Hello there trusty followers of the Studio Colrouphobia blog!

Its time again to show some things from our studio that has come out of Non Disclosure Agreement and is free to display at our website.

In my mailbox yesterday was a package from the kind souls at , it was my contributors copy of the Hand of Corruption adventure ( that I worked on.

As we told you in theblogpost, sometimes you work on things that take a long time before they are displayed publicly. The following illustrations are examples of a fairly common turnaround of NDA’s, about six months.

Hand of Corruption, page63 has this image by me on it.
The Brief called her “Norbik” hence the title.

Hand of Corruption, page101 has this image by me on it.
An Iron Warrior entering a Necron Complex.

Hand of Corruption, page128 has this image by me on it.
A b&w Arbitrator. I am very happy with how this one came out in print. The details really came out exceptionally good (I actually feared some of them would be lost)

Next post will see some other type of images in it. The cover illustration to ‘s “Skrapyard” game is under wraps and I am doing some non-warhammer stuff at the moment that will see the dawn of light shortly.

Until next time!