Macho, macho man – a little art-update

So before I start this blog with some more regular things, let me first congratulate George Takei on his 75th birthday.
Beyond being openly gay, one of the first asians I saw in any form of higher position on a tv-show and playing uber-cool Japanese business-owner in Heroes, Mr.Takei also has a wicked sense of humor that he shares with us through his Facebook page. Go give the man some love:
George Takei

So it’s been a while since there was an update from this blog.
You might wonder what’s been going on? The truth been told, I have been pretty busy.
A few things will be shown later in this entry, but first, something for all of you that are interested in illustration.
I saw this yesterday, and I found it brilliant.
For some of you, this might not be the most obvious, or even clear, thing, but trust me, once you start thinking in these terms, your illustrational work will be better of it.


Now I know some of you will look at this and go “huh?” but just look, listen and consider.

Text-> Simplify-> word association-> simple icons-> bridge-> drawings from bridges-> Box your composition-> Explain shape through value-> Define your execution.

I am working on a couple of things that still are a little hush-hush. One of the things I am doing is a test-run for something. These things happen sometimes in this business and can be tacked together with payment or without payment.
Something I wanted to touch base with with the people reading these, and who are interested in working as illustrators or designers, is how to take rejection or failure.

I am a sore looser.

No really,I am a terrible looser. I hate loosing, because I pride myself to not get into situations where I cannot win (famous exception being anything that has to do with my wife..just cannot beat the woman in anything!).

Now just because I am a sore looser doesn’t mean I have to take failure or rejection poorly.

Like said, I am doing a testrun. I am not going to tell you what it is for, but there is a chance that I might get told “Hey, you have a nice style, it’s just not the one that we’re looking for”.

That has happened to me just as to most people.

In essence, it means that either you wont get the gig because of style or because you have not achieved exactly the skill that they are looking for.

So what can we do about this?

Well first of all- realize that you can always improve your skill and your artistic ability.
Secondly- realize that some things you wont be able to do. Please note that I didn’t write “cannot ever do”, but rather “wont be able to do”. If you aim your skills at painting realistically, then stylized cartoony might not be what you excel in. Or Cubistic, or maybe you aim at a very saturated palette. Unless you focus your aim at all of hese things, chances are that you wont be able to keep the standard that some of the companies out there want to see.

What you need to do is to work, practice, challenge yourself and evolve in the direction you wish to see your art. If you do that, then eventually you will find that you have work cut out for you.

Now then, for what you have been waiting for.
The images.

Here is the cover for Skrapyard.

To find out more about this game, head over to Precinct Omega Publishing

I got contacted by a very nice guy over at Heresy Online with a question if I wanted to do a few commissions to bring a Space Marine Chapter alive.
Here are two images of the Lantern Marines:

Tactical Lantern Marine

Veteran Lantern Marine

Until next time.


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2 responses to “Macho, macho man – a little art-update”

  1. Rob says :

    Very cool glow on the lanterns!

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