A little bit of terror, a little bit of Iron – Tiny Art Update

Hello watchers,

Time for a tiny art-update.

I am currently working on three commissions that are expected to be done within a very short time, but in the meanwhile, here are three images that just got released (and thus I am allowed to show right here) plus a commission that got completed yesterday.

The Fantastic people over at Bolter and Chainsword contacted me quite a while back about doing one or two images for one of their Legio Imprints.

The first Legio Imprint was an alternative setting for Warhammer 40k called “Dornian Heresy” which was a very well thought out book. The one I had the chance to work on was just released a few days ago and is called Legio Imprint 2: The Eye of Terror” , where I had the oportunity to both get to do the cover and two interior illustrations.

So here are the images I did for this Imprint:

Eye of Terror cover – click to see large

Eye of Terror banner – click to see large

Excorsists Librarian – click to see large

Yesterday I had the benefit of finalizing one of my latest commissions. The commissioner has asked me to only post this image at my webpage and at the deviantArt gallery.

I am sure you will like it though, especially those of you who follow my series of Primarchs, as I got a chance to illustgrate a fairly unrepresented Primarch- Ferrus Manus. 

Ferrus Manus, the 10th Primarch – click to see large

(Though the illustration above has some of my influence in it, it is important that you know that I follow a brief on commissions. If this is not how you envision Ferrus Manus, then I’d be happy to do another version for you if you’d like to commission me.)

Feel free to add your thoughts on Ferrus Manus, or any of the other Primarchs. Or if you have any questions or ideas you’d like to share.


Until next time,





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3 responses to “A little bit of terror, a little bit of Iron – Tiny Art Update”

  1. Ash Timms says :

    Amazing work as always David! That cover is simply stunning, is truly inspiring. And your version of Ferrus Manus is the best I have ever seen!

    • davidsondered says :

      Thanks Ash, I must say that though I appreciate you liking Ferrus Manus it is also a little daunting to illustrate him. There are maybe three or four proper illustrations of him ever done.

  2. Ash Timms says :

    Quite true there isn’t much in the way of detailed illustrations of him, I have always found the ones that are out there to be rather bland to be honest. This on the other hand does justice to one of the more unappreciated Primarchs.

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