Let’s go to the King-planet/ A journey to the West.

Hi guys, David here.
It’s been quiet around here for a while.
The main reason is, as always, a very hectic schedule.
There are some interesting things in the pipeline.

But fear not, this is not an update filled with words only.
After all, what would an artblog be without any art to add to the update?

So here is something completely different.
Back in the 70’s and 80’s there was a lot of Anime/Cartoons coming out. He-man (Masters of the Universe), Thundercats, Akira, Brave Starr, Cobra and all kinds of good stuff.
If you grew up with this, you know what I am talking about, if you didn’t, you probably know anyway, because it trickled through generations, got follow-up series’ and rewrites etc.

But one of my personal favourites has only had a re-master, and that went fairly unnoticed.
So I thought I’d do what many have done before me- Redesign an old Anime that I like:

Saiyuki Starzinger (Spaceketeers or Sci-bots in the US and UK).

For those who don’t know about this gem, and I’m sure there are many, the basic story is “Journey to the West” but set in space.
The three heroes are named differently in different languages, but I know them as
Kugo, Jorgo and Hakka.

First our is Jan Kugo,
A red suited cyborg. Became a cyborg to benefit and help humanity: demoted to menial jobs, he gained a bad temper. Based on the Sun Wukong, of which “Kugo” is an anagram.

So I spiced it up a little:
In my storyline, Jan Kugo was not only bad-tempered, he committed crimes out of rage.
Brought to justice he now has the option of going to the King-planet to help humanity…and fight monsters on the way.
Kugo has a mask in the shape of a monkey, and a staff which can channel his energy. His energy spikes when he get enraged and his mask shows his emotions, even though the features are those of an Orangutan, rather then his own… On his mask, there is also device which can be used to give him pain. The person who can do this is Aurora, the woman going with our three heroes to the King-planet.

So I made this as if it was a movieposter.
Kugo triumphant over monsters, his mask showing the rage he channels in battle. I didn’t add his small fighterplane “Starcrow” (yes, it’s cheesy, that’s the point)

Here are two versions of the same painting, let me know which one you like the best. Next up will be Hakka…



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