Tóg sé amach cheana féin!/ Sneek-peeks? Competition? Read on…

So who’s up for another puzzle-piece removal?

The guesses that have come in so far are Vulkan Hestan, Curze, Corax, Horus at the death of Sanguinius, Deathwatch Marine or a Librarian.

To give a hint, a somewhat known someone, within the Warhammer/ Wh40k circles, have seen the full image, and the comment was (with items removed for spoilers):

“Throne of God, that’s fucking breathtaking.
I… Fuck, what can I even say? It’s in the Best Five 40K artworks I’ve ever seen. And bear in mind how tired I am of [SPOILERS] and how [SPOILERS]… and I still think that’s the best [SPOILERS] artwork I’ve ever seen in my life.
Soulful. Beautiful. Incredible.”

“No, more than that. It’s definitive. That’s now what [SPOILERS] looks like in my head.
Just breathtaking.”

So how about a competition?

The person who guesses who said the above, along with what/who is on the final artwork, will win a signed print of the artwork once it is revealed. Signed and sent directly to their home address, wherever in the world they live.

The Answer need to be logged right here on the blog or on our Facebook page.
First correct reply win. There are timestamps both on the blog and on the FB page, so we can see who came first.
And no, the person wh said the above cannot guess…

And now, for today’s reveal..



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6 responses to “Tóg sé amach cheana féin!/ Sneek-peeks? Competition? Read on…”

  1. Alexander Leleux says :

    Aaron Dembski-Bowden
    Konrad Curze

  2. studiocolrouphobia says :

    Keep those guesses comming in, the winner will be revealed on the 30th of October.

  3. Jon Tarala says :

    Aaron Dembski-Bowden
    Word Bearers/Lorgar

  4. Daniel says :

    Aaron Dembski-Bowden

  5. John L says :

    Aaron Dembski bowden,

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