Solas sa dorchadas/ illuminating it…

Good Morning everyone.

So the competition took off with a bang yesterday.
A lot of people answering in various places.

Please remember that an essential rule of the competition is that the answers need to be added either right here on our blogspot, or on our facebook page.

So again:

“Throne of God, that’s fucking breathtaking.
I… Fuck, what can I even say? It’s in the Best Five 40K artworks I’ve ever seen. And bear in mind how tired I am of [SPOILERS] and how [SPOILERS]… and I still think that’s the best [SPOILERS] artwork I’ve ever seen in my life.
Soulful. Beautiful. Incredible.”

“No, more than that. It’s definitive. That’s now what [SPOILERS] looks like in my head.
Just breathtaking.”

The person who guesses who said the above, along with what/who is on the final artwork, will win a signed print of the artwork once it is revealed. Signed and sent directly to their home address, wherever in the world they live.

The Answer need to be logged right here on the blog or on our Facebook page.

The winner will be declared on 30th of October.

Guesses of what the image shows have been interesting enough, ranging from Corax to Vulkan, past Horus, Curze, Talos and Zso Sahaal, and all the way to Ahriman and “A sorcerer”.

The general trend is someting Chaos-marine.

But remember, for the chance to win a signed print of this, you need to enter your answer here on the bog, or on our FB page.

So for todays reveal?



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4 responses to “Solas sa dorchadas/ illuminating it…”

  1. Alex Woodard says :

    I would pretty much have to guess Aaron Dembski-Bowden as the person who said the above. As for who or what is in the pic, I am going to guess Konrad Curze after his fight with Corax on Istvaan V.

  2. Ben Braithwaite says :

    Like I said on the B+C, I’m going for Zso Sahaal to break from what everyone else is saying.

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