Is é an deireadh in aice/The end is near

Today we see the second-to-last piece of the puzzle vanish.

We have a couple of guesses for the competition, please remember that you need to anwer right here on the blog, or on our FB page.

“Throne of God, that’s fucking breathtaking.
I… Fuck, what can I even say? It’s in the Best Five 40K artworks I’ve ever seen. And bear in mind how tired I am of [SPOILERS] and how [SPOILERS]… and I still think that’s the best [SPOILERS] artwork I’ve ever seen in my life.
Soulful. Beautiful. Incredible.”

“No, more than that. It’s definitive. That’s now what [SPOILERS] looks like in my head.
Just breathtaking.”

The person who guesses who said the above, along with what/who is on the final artwork, will win a signed print of the artwork once it is revealed. Signed and sent directly to their home address, wherever in the world they live.

The Answer need to be logged right here on the blog or on our Facebook page.


There will be four runner-ups, for a total of FIVE winners. One will receive a signed poster of the illustration being revealed sent to them as per above. The other four will win another illustration, signed, sent to them. The illustrations for winner 2-5 will not neccesarily be 40k related, but if they already have a poster of ours, they are adviced to let us know so that we can make sure they won’t have duplicates.

The winners will be declared on 30th of October. That’s tomorrow folks!


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5 responses to “Is é an deireadh in aice/The end is near”

  1. Valrak says :

    Konrad, has to be now.

  2. Valrak says :

    Also was it ADB who said the comment?

  3. Bellarius says :

    Definitely a Night Lord. My money is on Zso Sahaal due to the jump pack.

  4. Ben Braithwaite says :

    Like I said a while ago, I’m tempted to stay with my guess of Zso Sahaal.

    But seeing as it sounds like Aaron Dembski-Bowden made that comment, Jago Servatarion seems like a better guess. The ‘Prince of Crows’ holding a black feather, with lightning crackling around that fist to hint at his latent psychic abilities? Servatar is my answer.

  5. semivivus says :

    still sticking with Darkwing Duck, since you did not go all Stompa for Samhain

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