Ars Scribendi, It was amazing….

The deadline for our contest, Ars Scribendi, has come and passed.

15 unique entries. Far more then we could hope for.

So now it comes to us to sit down and judge these entries. You will have to bare with us, for it will take a little while to go through these, to weigh the narratives against one another and come up with a winner.

We really wish we had the chance to give out runner-ups prices this time, but rest assured the competition will return next year and we are looking into what we can do to make it even more interesting.


We know we had promised (via our Facebook page) a spectacular message today.

Though the message will come (and it is spectacular) we have decided to move the reveal of that a little further.

We will either post it during the weekend or, at the very latest, on our Tuesday blog-post.


So keep an eye out for that, we think that you will like it.




3 responses to “Ars Scribendi, It was amazing….”

  1. Alexander says :

    Doh! To believe I completely forgot about this! I’m so infuriated with myself right now… And to think I could have gotten another piece..

    • davidsondered says :

      No worries Alexander, the competition was a huge hit and so we will return with another edition next year 🙂

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