By Jove I think I got it!

Hi there!

As you might have noticed, it took us a while to get back.

NDA’s and Commercial work have taken a lot of time. As an effect, the blogposts have been on a break.

As a compensation for our absence, and to generate a bit of variety in the illustrations/sketches we produce, David has a special offer that will run until further notice-

One character on a very simple background, or two on no background (see examples below) for €100.

We charge €30 upfront and the rest upon completion.


This is for a digital copy only! (If you want a print of the art, we offer this for an extra €20, which covers the printing and postage, to be paid upon completion).

Road to Jove

So Aaron wrote a little about Road to Jove the other day and we thought we’d do something similar. But where Aaron mainly talked about where this came from in terms of story and script, we would like to share a (tiny) preview of the art that goes into it.

Leading up to the 6th of February, when we launch the, we will be releasing some more teasers, but for now, here is a crop of one of the panels already created. It’s “the robot” seen from behind.


A crop from the webcomic Road to Jove, by Aaron Dembski-Bowden and David Sondered
Art by David Sondered, Studio Colrouphobia

Working together, directly, with a writer, has been refreshing in many ways. The input is very direct. The exchange of ideas and concepts, visual or in words (Aaron has mad MS Paint skills) are invigorating and is leading us to a very interesting point indeed. It’s coming together rather nicely, in fact.

Shortly the webpage will come up, we’ll let you know where and when, but until then, why not pop by the Facebook page of the Road to Jove? And while you’re at it, here is the Twitter account.

So keep an eye out on those two places, and right here, for more updates about the Road to Jove.


Tell us about interesting artists and their art!

Should you encounter a great piece of art or artist let us know! We’d love to showcase some more art on our blog. Let us know through the comments, Facebook page or Twitter Page  (don’t forget to hashtag with #dontfeartheclown on Twitter!).


Take a look in the beginning of this blog-entry! For anything outside of those specs, or if you need any information not covered here, go to the bottom of the About page and send us a message through the contact form.


It has come to our attention that some people really liked the sci-fi example image above.

So until our special offer ends, you will get to download the full image, for the cost of a tweet, FB-share,Google+ mention. Just follow the link below and it will tell you how it works.

You have our permission to use it for personal usage only, meaning that if you want to print it and hang it on your wall, that’s fine.

Below you will find the link to use

Please note that Studio Colrouphobia will not do any paid commissions based on any IP’s not allowing any reproduction and/or derivative work.


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