One Hell of a week

Hell indeed…even written with a capital H.

We had a burglary last week in our house and studio. The studio managed to get through without all too many injuries, but still… The week has been hectic with all the administration and red-tape that comes with an event like this.

Things are slowly settling again and we would like to thank our clients who had to wait for their orders or answers to their questions, for their immense patience and understanding. Your support and the support of family and friends gave us energy when we were feeling life weighing heavy on us.

Most items that got taken had sentimental value and in a few cases were family heirlooms. Our dog got a few blows from the thief but all in all it could have been worse. We are still taking stock of any items that are missing, should you encounter a laptop or items with a big studio Colrouphobia mark on, let us know 😉

We sure got beaten with a “bad-Karma-stick”™ this week, since we go to spend time in hospital yesterday with our firstborn.

Needless to say: Life can only get better 🙂

What can we offer you this update? Well head over to where the next update is imminent. We are quite overwhelmed with the response we have gotten so far. So bookmark the page is you haven’t already.

There are a few exciting NDA’s in he pipeline. and hopefully the items are published soon so we can showcase some goodies.

And for the peeps who sponsor us through Patreon: The first Empyrean Champion is bound to be released the coming days:


We still have spots open for 100€ commissions. Feeling like you need an interesting piece of digital art? (Single character, simple background) Let us know! These kind of commissions help us evolve, quite often our clients give excellent briefs and have creative ideas regarding things we haven’t thought of. So take the chance 🙂

For anything outside of those specs, or if you need any information not covered here, go to the bottom of the About page and send us a message through the contact form, or just email us. The address is right up there, to the right of this post!

Please note that Studio Colrouphobia will not do any paid commissions based on any IP’s not allowing any reproduction and/or derivative work.


About Semivivus

Moved back to Belgium after almost ten years in Sweden. Married and has two children. Juggling between studies, family, work, and as a freelancing artist for Studio Colrouphobia. Generally hedonistic and Machiavellian with clear plans to take over the world.

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