Sluagh has arrived!

So officially an artist. Belgium luckily allows for a special legal state as an artist. It is a hassle to qualify for it, but once one does, life as an artist becomes more bearable since this status helps to even out the irregularities that are inherent to the nature of our business. So at least David is registered as artist, me on the other hand not. I still work as an employee somewhere else and keep on doing the studio part-time. Good news is stepping up to artist is definitely an option for me. So :yay!

What has happened the past month?

Well David and Aaron finished the prologue of Road to Jove. The new website is in the pipeline and will be available soon. This does not mean a break for us: pages for the first arc are being painted. Concepts are being sketched and defined.

And of course this smashing image was produced, leaving everyone wondering who these fab 6 are. What are they? Who are they pursuing? Are they cuddly? Ok perhaps not the last one but still…


Currently NDA’s are making it so we can show very little, which is annoying sometimes 🙂

Anyways we are working on three digital illustrations and two acrylic paintings at the moment. We cannot wait until the NDA allows us to show them, since we always are looking forward to adding new concepts to our portfolios.

Also keep en eye out for new Games Workshop releases: David might have some images coming up. The moment things are released we will share the art here as well.


We still have spots open for 100€ commissions. Feeling like you need an interesting piece of digital art? (Single character, simple background) Let us know! These kind of commissions help us evolve, quite often our clients give excellent briefs and have creative ideas regarding things we haven’t thought of. So take the chance 🙂

For anything outside of those specs, or if you need any information not covered here, go to the bottom of the About page and send us a message through the contact form, or just email us. The address is right up there, to the right of this post!

Please note that Studio Colrouphobia will not do any paid commissions based on any IP’s not allowing any reproduction and/or derivative work.


About Semivivus

Moved back to Belgium after almost ten years in Sweden. Married and has two children. Juggling between studies, family, work, and as a freelancing artist for Studio Colrouphobia. Generally hedonistic and Machiavellian with clear plans to take over the world.

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