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Wow, the last update on this puppy was April 29th. Given the long hiatus,it is safe to say we have been swamped with work.

First things first though: The new webpage for Road to Jove has been up and running for a few weeks now, and the lads over at 49th Floor did a rather smashing job. At the same time, the pressure is up 🙂 and we are providing at least one page a week for this chronicle. There are moments when one curses the choice to not go black and white, or line-art with cell-shading. This weeks update however made it all worth it. Designing the lay-out of this particular page, made Ennio Morricone tunes play in my head. For others it gave a similar sensation which can be found in movies like “Apocalypse Now” and other war movies. Needless to say: we do not regret the choice of how the pages look, albeit they do take up a humongous amount of work.

But it pays off. We have some peeps who support the chronicle though Patreon and we are immensely grateful for the positive comments and support we have received.

It takes about a day, a day and a half per page. So this becoming somewhat of a joint effort at the studio here. I am designing the layout and quick lines and David paints the frames when he decides the lay-out is ok. (He is such a bossy husband sometimes :p ). This saves David about half a days work on a page and makes it so we can plan the pages ahead. This comes at a cost though, and it is a struggle most artists know all too well. Personal projects get put on a back-burner in order to further the companies needs 🙂 but it is all worth it. Admit it: Our little company rather oozes pure awesomeness…

Secondly, we are having loads of images under NDA and between some very exiting projects for the gaming industry and Road to Jove, little time is left for personal projects. We are however still open for suggestions. Our portfolios can always use diversity.

Now for the good peeps over at Catalyst Game Labs we had the joy of producing some Shadowrun and Battetech pieces of art. These can be found in the book Battletech book: Handbook House Kurita. Shadowrun has been an old favorite in our house, we both played and still own the FASA corebooks. So getting asked to paint images like this is something one hardly can say no to.

The Shadowrun ones are for a future post. However for the moment feast your eyes on the following eye-candy 🙂 These images are almost a year old.

CS17-inspectingtheRanks-DavidSondered-c 015-CatchingBlackDragons-DavidSondered-c 0012-TacticalLesson-DavidSondered-c 09-DescentonLuthien-DavidSondered-c

This one is my favorite though; it has a definite Blade Runner feel to it and really emanates a crowded dystopic world. I am a sucker for Sci-Fi with a dystopic twist.


The image that follows is a suggestion we received from a friend. In the past we have produced similar images and as some of our fans pointed out: it has been way too long since the studio produced anything Space Marine (well at least something that is not currently under NDA anyways). So a Horus Heresy era Thousand sons protecting guardsmen in peril will hopefully fulfill your needs for fan-art 🙂



We still have spots open for 100€ commissions. Feeling like you need an interesting piece of digital art? (Single character, simple background) Let us know! These kind of commissions help us evolve, quite often our clients give excellent briefs and have creative ideas regarding things we haven’t thought of. So take the chance 🙂

For anything outside of those specs, or if you need any information not covered here, go to the bottom of the About page and send us a message through the contact form, or just email us. The address is right up there, to the right of this post!

Please note that Studio Colrouphobia will not do any paid commissions based on any IP’s not allowing any reproduction and/or derivative work.


About Semivivus

Moved back to Belgium after almost ten years in Sweden. Married and has two children. Juggling between studies, family, work, and as a freelancing artist for Studio Colrouphobia. Generally hedonistic and Machiavellian with clear plans to take over the world.

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