Let us use this #tbt thingy you young peeps are using all the time

Apparently we are old and established as a studio. It came equally hard as a shock to me as it does for most artists whom get called “successful”, “established”, and more bizarre terms. One thing can be said about the profession of art, and that is we are all an uncertain bunch of friendly neighbourhood neurotics. Most artists we know can go from complete euphoria to “o-my-god-I-suck-I-created-the worlds-most-horrible-abomination-please-destroy-me-and-my-works” in less than two seconds. It takes skill to face those faults and remake parts of something you have been working on for months. So yes, well “established” is taken as a compliment. It is nice to know people are buying in to the illusion of us being good at what we are doing, mainly because we quite often feel like a fraud ourselves. It is odd to have people look up to what we produce and one just wants to point people towards the works of a Julie Bell, Gerald Brom, Paul Kidby and many more and just shout “Those are the real ones! We are just faking it and doing what we love to do” 🙂

But then we have been at it as an official business since 2007, and have been dabbling with arts for money since 2003. Scary to think about, it does make us quite old. It also gives us ample material to actually compare now and then.

So let the #tbt shenanigans begin (David will be your willing victim this time):

We begin with an oldie from 2007. This Stoic Son of Oblivion was deemed by quite a few of our fans to be an piece which, and we are quoting now “could be taken right out of a codex”. Quite the nicest of compliments, but in retrospect after having produced pieces for actual Games Workshop codexes, this particular one we would both want to redo. The mood setting is nice, however there is too stark a contrast between the forefront and background and between the top and bottom parts of the image. Several styles seem to collide somewhat in this image and even though it is a smashing piece of fan-art, right now we would both approach this one from a different angle.


Number two: This ork in combat with a marine. If our whisky-marinated memories serve us well we think this is an image from 2009. Two years later, similar background.  A piece of fan-art where the overall sense of balance is prevailing. Less contrast in this image, however now the actual definition of the lines and the individual brush strokes are something we would want to redo if we were to remake this piece. However the evolution is visible and this image is definitely more dynamic that the static portraits from before.


Exibit three:

The cover to Road to Jove: Prologue

This one dates from early this year (2015 for you peeps from the future seeing this). The difference is noticeable: this page is more dynamic even though both Tara and Ceathair aren’t moving. The lines, colours and overall definition are the same everywhere. Now we are quite happy with this one, however we would probably remake this one if we were given the chance. You may catalogue this information under the above-mentioned “uncertain bunch of friendly neighbourhood neurotics”-bit :).



We still have spots open for 100€ commissions. Feeling like you need an interesting piece of digital art? (Single character, simple background) Let us know! These kind of commissions help us evolve, quite often our clients give excellent briefs and have creative ideas regarding things we haven’t thought of. So take the chance 🙂

For anything outside of those specs, or if you need any information not covered here, go to the bottom of the About page and send us a message through the contact form, or just email us. The address is right up there, to the right of this post!

Please note that Studio Colrouphobia will not do any paid commissions based on any IP’s not allowing any reproduction and/or derivative work.

Next update:

After tackling the #tbt, perhaps time to in real, proper, old people fashion, tackle #yolo and some of Natasja’s pencil sketches.

David & Natasja


About Semivivus

Moved back to Belgium after almost ten years in Sweden. Married and has two children. Juggling between studies, family, work, and as a freelancing artist for Studio Colrouphobia. Generally hedonistic and Machiavellian with clear plans to take over the world.

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