A series of unfortunate events

David launched the social media bomb by referring to Lemons, hence the Lemony Snicket quote for a title. Bare with us, it has been a roller coaster of emotions today. Tears were shed, but David ensures me they were manly tears filled with testosterone and manliness.

First of all: All you people rock! There are no words that can sufficiently describe our gratitude and how humbled we feel by the response we got. Colleagues, fellow artists, friends, fans, and random strangers helped to get the message spread and ensure our “emergency slots” were filled up. An old Flemish saying says “You always have a no, but who knows you might get a yes” and with this in mind David launched the request this morning on our studio page over on the Book of Faces. Thank you once more for the response we gotten.

We have had issues with a client paying us, this was a large company and the amounts outstanding were quite substantial. My main task for the studio has lately been doing credit collections with this particular company, needling them and convincing them to pay. We are not a large company and an issue like this ripples through our cash-flow with a long lasting impact. Imagine doing a job more than 2.5 years ago and still not be paid for it: That is in a nut-shell what happened to us. Contracts and everything were signed by both parties, but a Goliath tried to intimidate a David and hoped the artists just cowered away or gave up. We have taken steps to ensure this will not happen again, neither for us nor for another artist.

Now a delay in getting paid also led to us not being able to pay some of our creditors and even though we always had an open debate and discussion with them, at a specific point we were about to loose everything we have worked for in the past years. The actions undertaken against us which were set in motion by a series of unfortunate events and started by a big company not respecting their contract with us which led to a situation where we would have lost dearly.

We did not ask for charity, we asked for the word to spread so 5 lucky people can get their hands at the deal of the year and get a commission. And once more: we are grateful for all the feedback and support we got. (Also thank you to all the people who inquired about my canvases!)

An event like this makes it all the more apparent how much artists of all kinds need to be aware of the pitfalls of the art industry. Art is still not considered a full-time and “serious” occupation and the cliché of the “starving artist” endures. At moments like this the value of places like PACT prove their worth. We do leave reviews of companies there. Most are good, but we are not afraid to leave points of improvement neither.

And now we leave you with a response we have gotten as a response to David’s “Ugly Lemons” quote. Thank you and know your support made us battle on!



About Semivivus

Moved back to Belgium after almost ten years in Sweden. Married and has two children. Juggling between studies, family, work, and as a freelancing artist for Studio Colrouphobia. Generally hedonistic and Machiavellian with clear plans to take over the world.

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