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Liebster Award

Before getting to the Liebster award, we would like to let you guys know that the weekly updates will be moving to Wednesdays.

Consider this update a bonus.

Liebster Award

So Christian Schwager nominated us for a Liebster Award.

Here’s how it works (for those who might have forgotten, or still don’t know what the Liebster is):
The nominee’s task is to give 11 truths about themselves, answer the 11 questions given by the person who nominated them, make 11 questions of their own and nominate another 11 blogs to spread the contagion. The purpose of this is to discover new interesting blogs and have a bit of fun. Since Christian nominated the studio, he gets 22 answers to his question. Lets start!

11 Truths about us-

1. David’s desk is true chaos. If you would look at it at any given time, things are extraoirdinairy messy, but he claims he can find anything on the desk within seconds (we disagree on that!).

2.We got to know eachother in times when TFC and Counterstrike where in hype.

3.Our cat is called Khan, because it is very satisfactory to shout at him when he does something wrong.

4. We are a multi-lingual household, where even the children speak more than two languages.

5.Chocolate is a vegetable (or a salad).

6.We both have a keen interest in martial arts and have been avid practitioners of Kendo and Aikido for several years.

-Using no way as way; having no limitation as limitation

7. We can go from Bach to Iron Maiden in the same playlist.

8.Life begins with coffee.

There is no try, coffee or no coffee!

9. Between the two of us, we know a massive amount of fun movie-quotes, and often pick them apart in our day-to-day communication:

-Damnit Jim! I’m an artist, not a brainsurgeon!

10. …and we managed to infect the next generation with this as well.

-We are no longer the knights who say ni! We are now the knights who say ekki-ekki-ekki-pitang-zoom-boing!

11. Entering through our Studio’s doors is a better portal to another world then what the wardrobe ever was for Narnia.
Natasja’s answers:

  1. What was the last book you’ve read? Fools Errand by Robin Hobb
  2. Are you binge-watching any TV shows? If so, what are you currently hooked on? Sherlock
  3. Whatever your creative outlet, what do you consider your specialty? All creatures great and small
  4. What is your favourite band? The Cure
  5. What is your favourite tree and why?  Witch Hazel, all curly-wurly and spacey wacey.
  6. What is your favourite animal and why? Polar bears, I mean come on: largest land living predator and all
  7. Who is your personal hero? My children, meeting every day with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge
  8. What is your favourite game? Homeworld
  9. What would be your super power? ESP (with children, already have this one partially)
  10. Rice or pasta? Rice
  11. Why, do you think, am I following your blog? Because it is awesome, and not just there to simply promote our own stuff, we also provide ample feedback about other artists, our work-processes and more.


David’s answers:

  • What was the last book you’ve read? Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follet
  • Are you binge-watching any TV shows? If so, what are you currently hooked on? Doctor Who
  • Whatever your creative outlet, what do you consider your specialty? Mechanical/Sci-fi things and fictionous portraits
  • What is your favourite band? Right now? Hozier. It shifts with times..
  • What is your favourite tree and why?  Oak, because it feels like family.
  • What is your favourite animal and why? Real animal? Ravens. Wisdom, Surveyors of it all..
  • Who is your personal hero? My Wife, she makes my day bright and shiny, but the reason she is my heroine is because she knows exactly what to do at any given moment, and can, up until now, always do whatever it is that need be done.
  • What is your favourite game? Half-Life 1
  • What would be your super power? Healing. Being able to heal anything in the world.
  • Rice or pasta? Pasta
  • Why, do you think, am I following your blog? Same reply as Natasja Because it is awesome, and not just there to simply promote our own stuff, we also provide ample feedback about other artists, our work-processes and more.

Our Questions-

  • If the following two species ever went to war, which one would win, and why? Duck vs. Geese
  • If the following two ever went to war, which one would win, and why? Hodor vs Lurch of the Adams family
  • Should muggles be accepted to Hogwarts or not?
  • Mechanical pencil or wooden pencil?
  • Do you steampunk?
  • Who should have the ultimate privilege to wipe out Jar Jar Binks, and why? Sith or Jedi?
  • Which artist is your source of inspiration?
  • Which writer is your source of inspiration?
  • Have you tried a Belgian beer? If yes – specify which one(s), if no, go out and get one (ask us, we have the knowledge!) – PS. Stella does not count as beer!
  • Cornish pasties, with or without carrot?
  • If you had to pick a deity to be, which one and why?

Our nominations!

Gav Thorpe

Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Jeanett Andersson

Elizabeth Hunter

Mike Daarken Lim

Dave Rapoza

Richard Boom

Björn Hurri

Brun Croes

Mark Molnar

Dan Dos Santos

Go check them out!



Another week, another update.

Yes, I return to dispell some orkiness from the blog and bring you a new update.

As summer rages on, the studio finds itself at a good pace. Commercial work, as well as commissions, are coming in and are being completed at a steady pace.

If you are following our Facebook Page, and our Twitter account, you should be a bit up to date with the fact that we started posting sketches through Tumblr not that long ago.

We are picking up the pace with these sketches, but they represent quick studies, moodsketches and will possibly also be more elaborate sketches in the future. It’s a good opportunity to see what some of our works start out as, and what we do for practice, fun and research. For example

If you’re interested in following our Tumblr the link is here:

Studio Colrouphobia’s Tumblr


In other news, we were approached to participate in a tribute to Stan Lee when he will have his last public appearance in Europe at the London Film and Comicon this weekend.

We will show our contribution next Tuesday, after the event, but the tribute comes in the form of a comicbook-sized artbooklet. The blurb and the cover can be found below:

EXCELSIOR: Steve Rude, Mark Buckingham, Alan Davis, Jose Delbo, Bryan Talbot, Mike Perkins, Chris Weston and Gary Frank are among the horde of artists from around the world paying tribute to Stan Lee on the occasion of his last European public appearance. Running to 68 pages in colour and black and white, Excelsior is a limited edition of 250 copies. It is available exclusively at the London Film and Comic Con, priced £10. If you can’t make it to the show, copies can be sent to you for £15 each (unsigned) or £80 (signed by Lee) within the UK. Email Mike Conroy at for full details, to enquire about price if you live elsewhere in the world and to obtain details of the originals that will be auctioned over the weekend as well as how to bid on them.



If you want the chance to win an illustration of your own narrative then our Ars Scribendi-competition is the place to be. We are receiving some stellar entries. The deadline is the first of August and the information can be found here: Ars Scribendi

What else?

How about a new private commission that just cleared for being viewed by the public?

This is called “Out of the Dust”



This week we have two new slots open for commissions. So if you have an idea, or want a new piece to hang on your wall, do not hesitate to contact us!





Dying for dark – the darker the worse. Strange.

Mr. Beckett albeit a tad gloomy, has been the leitmotiv of the studio the past week. For some reasons, both personal and professional, a gloomy touch had entered the sacred halls of the Studio that fears no clowns.

The oeuvre of Lovecraft and Beckett has been intensely studied, resulting in some bizarre dreams, ideas, and sketches. Now to find the time to work out those concepts and post them here.

Time is illusive, and sometimes it would be amazing to be able to create more time so all these amazing projects can come to completion. Alas (and fortunately) we do have commissions to fulfill and even though they are not always our own personal visions, they tend to result in some smashing images.

For those who were guessing which two primarchs were shown a few weeks back; well we will have to disappoint you since your hunger cannot be sated this week. The image is finished, however the customer gets the first bragging rights and still needs to give their formal ok on the image. So next week, you 40K, heresy, space-marine-groupies and die hard fans will be in for a treat.  After all: “A well governed appetite is the greater part of liberty.” If you really cannot hold it any more: drop by at  Bolter and Chainsword and see whether the proud owners already shared it. It might also get posted on the deviantart page somewhere this week.

But do not despair if surfing and browsing is not your forte. We are more than happy to provide you a quick sketch of our next project:



Guess what this might be…The hint is: Space Marine. You fill in the blanks.

Also last week we promised a close-up of the Kaiju-beast entry: Finished illustration side by side with the pencil sketch.

3062014-2 kaiju_concept_1


What can one say…bizarre artistic interactions, create real beauties and freaks of nature, not to mention outstanding pieces of concept art.

And last two more items: we have this week one slot available for private commissions. Interested? Let us know. And feel free to use our hashtag #dontfeartheclown over on Twitter for things studio related or to just say hi.

That was all for this week folks: So tune in next week, same clown-time, same clown-channel.



Another week, another update.

A quick update in the wacky world of Studio Colrouphobia, providing you with you weekly fix of all things Colrouphobic.

Firstly, we have slots open for commissions, if you are interested drop us a message on Facebook or send an e-mail to: We’re having a slightly more calm period at the moment, which after the hectic months feels like quite a relief. It provides us with time to work on personal projects and open up for private commissions, so if you have this idea that has been spooking around for months, now is the moment to apply since we most likely will be taking in larger orders soon again and the commission slots will lessen.

The past week we have both been working to meet deadlines; only to have the one for the Helpful Bear Productions: Kaiju Beast contest be postponed to July.  Quite a rarity since we are used to deadlines being moved closer, not delayed and it left us with an unexpected gap and breather.

Feels rather silly to have stressed now, but at least it will give us a chance to tweak the image even more. Understandably we will be releasing the final image after we submitted it. But the concept sketch looks like this:


Last week we also mentioned we did some work for the peeps over at Prodos Games. The background was a Warzone/Mutant Chronicles setting for the Imperial Rulebook, tabletop miniature game.

And since we are not shy of boasting, we would like to share some images with you. For those who like Warzone, enjoy. For those who do not like Warzone, enjoy as well, as we know you will.


And last, thanks to all who have left us with various comments and feedback as to what you want to see changed on our blog. We will be taking these things in consideration and will start fiddling with some lay-out. However, we sadly have to decline the XXX’s (name removed for safety purposes 🙂 , but yes, you know who you are ) suggestion we received on Facebook, to perhaps have more fuchsia pink on our blog. You may insert a mental eye roll here, fellow artists can such delightful pains sometimes.

Anyways, keep the feedback coming, we always like to stay in touch and are open for suggestions. Until next time: Stay Colrouphobic!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

So we have some exiting news for you all.

First of all, we have just ended a project for the good folks at Prodos, check them out here. The PDF offers a nice preview of the upcoming Imperial book.

As avid fans of Mutant Chronicles it was rather fun to work on the different concepts that were provided. As the books and images are released by Prodos Games, we will give you an insight in the wonderful world that was firstly illustrated by giants like Paul Bonner.

What more do we have to offer, we hear you ask. Well it would not be Studio Colrouphobia if we did not make time for some personal projects. So David took a dive into his Viking heritage and decided to go slightly “executioner” on his art.

What follows are a few concepts of Space Wolves, a Horus Heresy pack. This explains the more archaic weaponry, which we all can admit, makes a Heresy Space Wolf even cooler than the standard 40k ones. Yes we are biased…

We hope you enjoy these concepts  as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Hagalpreview Hrolf-preview PreviewJouko2 PreviewJouko

We are currently also doing a joint collaboration for the Kaiju Beast competition organised by Helpful Bear Productions. The next blog update will feature this piece of madness. So stay tuned.

Both David and me are used to working with mixed media, and quite often we start our madness with a humble pencil sketch or playing around with Copic markers. Most of these drafts do not proceed further than just, well being drafts. Since they are fun to do, we would like to share a few doodles with you. These might or might not be turned into full illustrations or paintings, only time will tell.

Big Red phoenix Balrog

We do however have a question for you followers and others. As an artist, this blog provides ample opportunity for interaction and we kind of like the format. We are however looking into tweaking and adding some extra freatures on this blog. So please leave your feedback in the comment or fill out the poll. Let us know what you think, want, and need. (more than one choice possible)


To make it more interesting: we will draw a winner, who will win a deck ofWarhammer Invasion cards. We will even sign the cards that were designed by the studio. So peeps, start giving your opinion. Let us know your deepest, darkest thoughts, albeit about the Studio Blog and perhaps you can crush your opponents with this swag deck.


And as a final note: we have slots open for commission. If you are interested, send a mail to

Until next update!

“Can I just use your images, like, however I want?” / Artworks to show.

So this is a dual post. It will start by making a point about posting other peoples artwork around the Internet without referring to the artist.
It will end with a couple of new artworks from the studio.
In a couple of days, there will be a new post with process on the Mortarion-piece, but today’s post is important.

So recently, it came to the attention of a couple of artists that I keep close contact with, that a certain Facebook-page is posting images.
Nothing bad about this, however, the page is notoriously bad at referring to the artist.

So the second comment sais it is Karl Richardson, which is helpful, however, the comments are really not where such a reference should be, they should be where the artwork is posted, in the description.

This is a quite serious problem, usually brushed aside by fans as not being a problem at all.
So let’s try and give a little insight in this part of being an Artist.

    FANS, this is for You! Take a good look and try understanding why this is important!

Let’s post this as an image. There will be a “free to use” disclaimer in the bottom of the image(s).
Please take your time to consider what each point say.


So what does this mean?

It means that whoever made the art you found cool and wanted to repost- tell us who made it! In the description of the art.
If you don’t know, the write that. That way, if someone let you know, you can alter it.

Does it mean that you will never be able to show any of Studio Colrouphobias works online?
No, it doesn’t. Of course you will.
But we would appreciate being asked. Sometimes our works are actually not for show everywhere. Some commissioners pay for more exclusive views. And we would demand a reference on the artwork, back to us, our website or facebook-page would be preferable.

It means that whoever made the art you found cool and wanted to repost- tell the viewer who made it! In the description of the art.
If you don’t know, then write that you don’t know. That way people can help you find out and, if someone let you know who the artist is, you can alter it.
You see, if we don’t get referred to then nobody will commission us, which also mean we will need to stop doing what we do.
And then there will be no art from us.
Everybody looses.

And now to stop on a more light note.

Here is a piece that Natasja has been working on on and off for a while:

Being the more traditional painter of the studio, she is working mainly in Artrage, using some techniques She “learnt in the age of the dinosaurs, only now applying them on a digital canvas.” Images used for reference comes, amongst others, from National Geographics.

We hope to be able to show more of Natasjas work shortly.

Also shown today, is the newest commission David completed.

Until next time!

Studio Colrouphobia also has a twitter account:
Studio Colrouphobia also has a Facebook-page:

The makings of… a Primarch

So Halloween passed, thank you all for making it special by participating in ourcompetition.

Starting this week, there will be a new series of posts.
These posts are about following the creation of an illustration from concept to finish.

For the beginning illustration, I chose to use one of my personal Primarch illustrations.
I will go through wwhat ideas I have, how to flesh out the image, what thoughts and knowledge must be sought. Sketching, colour composition, painting roughs, using reference, when to use texturess and not and any number of other topics that come up along the way.

So let’s begin with the start, shall we?

For this particular illustration, I knew I wanted to tackle another Primarch.
But which one?
I have a list of Primarchs I am completing, where I have saved some general ideas and cool stuff to inspire.
Her’s what the folder look like:

You will notice that some are missing, which does not meant that they are completed, but rather that I haven’t ound anything yet to make me feel it is suitable to save as reference or inspiration for that particular Primarch.

So let’s choose one-

Let’s choose/

It is, after-all, the season to be dreary.

So I look at what Mortarion has.

Not that much, but we can work with it.

So I do a quick sketch, without looking at my ref/inspiration images, but after I have looked at them/

This is the result:

So, its loose, crappy and not much to see. But it gives an indication, a hint at where I wan to take this piece.

Let me explain it to you.
Mortarion, for me, was always a riddle.
He grew up as a son of an alien (or a mutant, it seem to have shifted over the years). Taking control over the planet of Barbarus, a lethal place for humans to live and so poisons and poisonous gases are a part of his culture.
Likewise, the figure of Mortarion has this “Angel of Death” over it. A hooded figure, slender and agile, with hints of wings and a scythe.

The above is the way I think about Mortarion in passing, without investing any real tought to the character.

So the next step, is to look at the sheer physical aspects of Mortarion.

I did a Google-search, and ended up with a few images. I show them here to give you an idea, but I am in no means taking any credit fore these:

Mortarion-print – John Blanche
Mortarion – Alex Boyd
Mortarion1 (2) – Adrian Smith
Mortarion work in progress1 -Ibrahim Swaid ( )

So that’s the four first ones I got..

Now comes the choosing.
What do I like, what don’t I like.

I like the general features, the hood, the gaunt look of Alex Boyd’s version. The plain-ness of the armour. In fact, even though I usually really like Adrian Smith’s work, in this case, I find it completely out of tune with what I want to portray.

So I make a list of things to add in the illustrration-

Scythe (obviously, I even drew that in the sketch, before thinkking about it).
Hood (again).
Slender – like in the Alex Boyd image. – usually PlagueMarines are bloated, which is fine, but I want him to look like death/ This is not neccesarily going to be after he joined chaos.
High Collar.
Censer- holding poisonous gasses.

Things to concider-

Colours, not sure about wite, or even green. I need to do some research.
Shoulderpads. I sketched something like the Angron or Curze shoulderpads, not sure if I will keep that or go with something else.
Smoke- I want poisonous gases to come out at the collar and from the Censers. Need to make them visible without looking lame.

Things to not take-
No Green, no White. Not on Armour in any case. I want him to be dull in armour/clothing. He will be pale, so he need to stand out a bit.
Chest from Hulk- I really need him to look like death, he cannot have the most powerful look, not bodywise in any case.
No face-mask.
Perhaps the fumes will cover some of his face, but I want his face to show mostly.

After writing these things down, I do a new sketch. And i failed (I lost the file). So I decide to do a tested methood when I need ideas.
I use an older image and duplicate layers, moving, reshaping, twisting and turning them around, using layer-effects to get “happy accidents”.
In this case, I used my Angron Painting.

This is the “sketch”:
So I add some brushstrokes to give a hint at my figure (using the same pose as before)
It still doesnt do it, so I do a little altering and adding a coloursplash, followed by a proper silouhete (next two images)


And after moving the arm and scythe, I am getting happy about the pose.
I know I said no facemask, but at this time, I am unsure how to make him look, so I have left the lower part of the face.
I will most likely make him look similar to curze, as I use roughly the same features for all the Primarchs, just changing them ever so slightly, to show they are siblings, rather then the same characer (or, indeed, completely different from one another).

That thing above his head?
Yeah, I dont know, perhaps I will keep it, perhaps not.
I thought I saw something like that in the back of Ibrahim Swaids Mortarion… it has potential. Maybe some sort of machinery, part of his exhausts…

We’ll see.

Till next time.

Studio Colrouphobia also has a twitter account:
Studio Colrouphobia also has a Facebook-page: