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Sketch away

Monday blogpost,
A little late, granted, but still.
Lets get some sketches away:

This is the beginning sketch of Electro, an old Spiderman Villain, as an old man. The thougt is to paint multiple Spiderman Villains in older form.

Next up is a speedpainting. Just playing with ideas here:

And finally, the completed Arbaal the Undefeated painting. This has been featured as a wip in several blogposts and now it is complete. This is me re-imagining this old Warhammer Fantasy Battle character.
As you can see, he rides a demon, a so called Flesh Hound. He also holds an axe and a shield.
Since the character seem to have left the game a couple of editions ago, I felt I had some leniency to reinvent him somewhat:
I made the collar of Khorne sit behind the neck-guard of the Hound, it’s the brass-thing with skulls and horns on it. The hound has more colour then Arbaal himself, this comes from the factt that I see demons and beings from the warp as having more colour then in “the real world” of Wfb/Wh40k.
My illustration shows Arbaal as he sacks Praag. Hope you enjoy.

Until Next time!