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There is peace, even in the storm.

We open this week with a quote from the letters of mr. Van Gogh. The past three days we have experienced some severe weather here in Belgium. Hailstones the size of golf balls, super-cell storms, and tropic heat made us take three unexpected days off. The storm that passed us Sunday night really had epic proportions and was in true Lovecraftian style, worthy of an epic battle between Elder Gods. We at least got inspired to paint some dark images, so keep an eye out the coming weeks.

However, despite epic storms, some works were completed and we can proudly present you two final pieces.

The first one is made for an alternative 40k story: Guilliman’s Heresy.  The image shows a pivotal scene between the Lion, and a megalomaniac Guiliman together with already corrupted Vulcan, Sanguinius and Dorne. Both parties are interested in Terra, however the focal point here lies with  dichotomies between Lion El-Johnson and Roboute Guilliman: The dark armour of the Lion ofsets the white toga of Guiliman, the bareheadedness of El-Johnson versus the halo Roboute’s throne casts. The light from above illuminating the Primarch of the Ultramarines versus the shade of the Lion, etc…


Drop by at Bolter and Chainsword for more details about this alternative Heresy storyline.

The next bit is our final contribution to the Kaiju Beast contest. A first for our studio since this is our first joint-collaboration. It worked out well, so more will follow:


We would also like to inform you that this week we have NO slots available for private commissions, they got filled up, but by next week some should become available again.

Finally, keep your eyes and ears open. We are going to launch a little event later this week and will keep you all informed through social media. No spoilers yet, but the name will be Ars Scribendi 🙂


Cucumber sandwiches – Completed artwork and wip

Hello again faithful watchers of this blogspot!
David here with some visuals for your viewing.

I’d like to start this weeks sketch-post with something for those who may watch this without understanding why there is so much focus on Warhammer and Warhammer 40.000 artwork in this blogspot.
The answer is simple really, most of the commissions done for private clients are set in these worlds. It is an interest for me personally, but ultimately it comes down to art done for clients and what we can show.

Other works remain to be shown but are still within the scopes of NDA’s or are not completed for full viewing just yet. As an example, not long ago we let you know of a cover for a game called Skrapyard. This is an illustration that has the benefit of being possible to show the moment it is done and approved byy client. You can expect to see that illustration within the two weeks as it comes in to completion and approval.

Now if you have absolutely no idea about the Warhammer games mentioned above a good place to start is by reading a little something about it.
I found out through writer Aaron Dembski-Bowden’s excellent blog (http://aarondembskibowden.wordpress.com/) that the BBC did an article on Warhammer 40k when they celebrated their 25th birthday. The gist of it all is that anyone who is older then a certain age and still playing is a geek (it has always been so) but it is done with a little more forgiveness this time. Above all the interview is very well done and give a better insight in how most of the older players feel about the hobby nowadays.
Article and interview can be found here http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17344366  and http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-17274186 .
Aaron’s blogpost on the topic can be found here http://aarondembskibowden.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/40k-on-the-bbc/.

Now onto the artwork.
I was approached by a representative of http://www.feastofblades.com/ a couple of weeks ago and asked if I could do a commission for them. Naturally I took it on.
The final illustration (in colour) is found below. Also in the image are three close-ups of details you might want to see. Details are at 100% painting-size (click image to see full size).

Next up is something that deserve a little bit of explaining.
It’s a work in progress that I started a little while ago. The commissioner is my youngest son, whom is totally into Orks normally, but since we have the Lego video-games in house and they are played a lot (if you think it is childish, think again, the depth of the humour in the Lego-series is astounding and worthwhile, even if you don’t like Harry Potter or think theClone Wars “just isn’t the same as the original three movies” the games are well worth it).

So my son is playing, alternatively watching us adults playing the latest Lego Harry Potter game and then see me paint Space Marines and whatnot.
Suddenly he sais:
“Dad, can we buy the Lego Warhammer Game?”
So I reply:
“No, there is no Lego Warhammer game son.”
“Why not?”, he sais, “why don’t you tell ‘the guys’ they should make one, you can paint the Space Marines and show them it works”…

Now despite the fact that I do not know any of ‘the guys’ that my son refer to I took up on the painting part.
So below is a work in progress of a Lego Ultramarine.They’re in fascion, live with it.

I’m adding some extra spacing between the legs and torso, as well as putting an extra flat Lego-block under the feet, to give the Space Marine a little more height. The end result will make it look very much like a Lego-figurine, but about a head taller then the rest of them. The collar sticks to the backpack, and the shoulderpads are snap-ons to the arms (see, I had to think ‘engineerical’ for this because my son is constantly telling me what works to do with Lego and what doesn’t).
One of the reasons why I am also showing this now is to show that I am actually painting this, and not just building a lego-figure and taking a photo of it.
Who knows, perhaps this might give some ideas to ‘the guys’…

For anyone who is waiting for more of the quick-and-simple colour/light study style Space Marines, you should also check out my personal Deviantart account (http://1mpact.deviantart.com/), as there is a little info coming up in the journal there shortly.

As always, feel free to comment or critique. Let us know if there is anything you miss or just want to see on these pages. By all means, use the comments. We do not bit…often.

Until next time!

Unholy Alliances – Speedpaintings

Hello there.
I thought I’d give you something to rest your eyes on whilst we prepare for future posts.
I have been doing these very quick sketches lately, trying to get lighting right and not caring too much about proportions or accuracy as far as design goes.
I decided to take the three speeds I did last and put them together to a little triptych, though at first they did not really fit with each other.
For those of you unfamiliar with the Warhammer 40k universe, the first two from left are normally what’s called “Loyalists” or “the good guys”. The guy on the far right is most definitely one of “the bad guys”.
So I made the three of them lean more towards “bad” then “good”, removing insignia’s of the two first ones, adding more scratches and a hint of…. evil ominous-ness.

These types of speed-paints have proven to be extremely relaxing to me as they take no more then 2-3 hours and I just go with the flow whilst painting them. Very generous as far as breaks, things to paint on now and then between work.

Hope you like,